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Shotokan Kata Bunkai

Train in high quality kata applications which are within

the law and effective in real life

3 Easy Steps To Take Your Karate To The Next Level Now!

Give your training

a practical purpose

Improve your Kata application knowledge

Make Karate enjoyable

and fulfilling for life

If you want to get out of a slump in your training or if you are afraid of becoming demotivated by the same repetitive non-practical karate training or if you are looking to make karate practical for the real world, then follow the 3 steps below to re-ignite (or keep alive) your passion and interest in your karate training!

1. Understand Kata Practically

Obtain a free copy of my e-book on unlocking the keys to understand practical kata applications

3. Experience it Live

Attend or host a seminar/workshop to progress your karate training with

me live in person

2. Know the Law of Self-defence


Learn the law of your land and stay

within it when training for self-defence.

Get to Know Leigh

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Leigh started training in "traditional" karate and after obtaining numerous dan grades. Leigh and his instructor Mike Judd 5th Dan, became disillusioned with the primary focus on "sport" karate and lack of real world application to the kata applications which were common place in their association and in the larger karate world at the time. 

Leigh and Mike then changed their focus and began to study the history of karate along with training with the elite of practical martial arts.  

Leigh now specialises in practical kata applications which are applicable in the real world and legally underpinned and that are SYSTEMATISED in a LOGICAL and STRUCTURED order so that it easy to follow and progress can be made indefinitely (making karate fulfilling for life)!

As a lifelong practitioner of Karate, including a 3rd Dan in Shotokan Karate under Mike Judd 5th Dan, Leigh currently holds a 5th Dan with the British Combat Karate Association (BCKA) and the English Karate Federation (EKF). Additionally, Leigh holds the Full Bunkai Jutsu Instructorship under world renowned martial artist and practical kata bunkai specialist Iain Abernethy 7th Dan and has gained a 1st Dan in Abernethy Jissen Karate-do.​ Combined with his Karate training, Leigh is a Solicitor who has studied UK Self-Defence Law in College, University and Post-Graduate courses achieving LLB with Honours and a Postgradue Diploma in Legal Practice. ​As an outspoken advocate of cross-training, Leigh has studied Jeet Kune Do & Kali under Guru Mick Tully.

Leigh is the author of the Amazon #1 best-selling book - UK Self- Defence Law: A Practical Guide to Understanding the Law of Defending Yourself and writes for various Magazines. Leigh also has an online blog which includes additional articles, thoughts, videos, book reviews and training-day reports.


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"I always come away from Leigh's events knowing I have made progress no matter what he teaches. His attention to detail has shown me how there is always room for improvement. He is flexible with lesson content but structured with how he teaches, finding methods that work for me. He motivates me to work to the best of my ability and I always have a great time. I would recommend Leigh to anyone, young, old, beginner or advanced."

Hannah B - 2nd Dan


“Leigh Simms is what practical karate is all about! A skilled practitioner, teacher and writer. Leigh gets the practical application of karate and the underlying theories in a way that few others do. He is also one of only handful of people to have both a black belt in my method and an instructor’s certificate in my approach. I can’t recommend him highly enough."

Iain Abernethy - 7th Dan

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"Leigh's tuition is a great experience, he is always helpful and clear with his instructions, made sessions fun, motivating and gave me the confidence to progress.”

Jake A - Non Tradtional Martial Artist


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