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UK Self-Defence Law

This book by Martial Arts and Self-Defence authority Leigh Simms LLB (Hons) & 4th Dan, gives the reader a practical guide to the UK's self-defence law.


In this book you will learn:

  • When a person can and cannot claim self-defence

  • What Reasonable Force is and how it is determined by law

  • What the law is in relation to Pre-Emptive Striking

  • And much more!

“I think it is the best book on the market on this subject, and it should be a part of your library if you are teaching self-defence, of even if you are remotely interested in the subject. Comprehensive and lifesaving.”

– Geoff Thompson 8th Dan BCA, WCA


“This short easy to read book is a must for all self-defence and martial arts instructors in England and Wales! A sound understanding of the legalities of self-defence is vital if you are to teach competently. Sadly, what we most frequently see is the law being either completely ignored or misinformation being peddled as if it were fact. This book provides a very easy to understand practical guide that cuts through the misinformation and will be an invaluable resource for teacher and student alike. Leigh Simms has made a superb job of producing this very practical and understandable guide to the legalities of self-defence England and Wales! All competent and responsible instructors will ensure they read this book.”

– Iain Abernethy 6th Dan BCA, WCA

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10 Keys to Unlocking Practical Kata Bunkai

This book is an overview on the 10 keys needed to learn and develop practical kata applications regardless of what style or system your practice. Originally, kata held the fighting concepts and principles for a complete self-defence fighting system.


However, in today’s age, much of the practical aspect of karate has been lost in time. By reading this book you will learn the context in which these traditional kata were designed to be used and how the motions within those kata can be applied in self-defence situations.


This book is not a comprehensive study on kata; rather it is a fantastic starting point and reference guide for your own kata bunkai training. With quotes from past and present masters as well as numerous photographs, which demonstrate practical applications to form movements, there is something of value for both those new to kata bunkai and the more experienced practitioner.


The perfect handbook that fits easily into your kit bag!

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