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Leigh teaches Seminars on all aspects of Practical Karate but especially when it regards to the Practical Karate. The following subjects are among Leigh's most popular seminar topics:


- Practical Applications for Specific Katas 


- Bunkai Drills to bridge the gap between form and function


- Bunkai Drills to bridge the  gap between Kata and Kumite


- Principle Based Fighting Drills for Non-Traditional Groups


- Karate's Ground Grappling Method for Self-Protection


-Karate Concepts: Drills that explore fighting concepts and ideas contained within traditional Kata. 


Also, if you have a special request for subject matter, we are more than happy to accommodate. 


Leigh is happy to teach open events and private seminars. 

Workshops differ to Seminars because they are predominately non-physical lectures and presentations. Although some physical excersice my occur, the purpose of the workshops is to develop the non-physical aspects of Self-Defence, Combat & Martial Arts.


Personal Security Workshop is a 2 hour introduction to realistic Self-Defence training. The majority of the course deals with soft skills and includes; awareness, conflict management, de-escalation, escaping training. A small amount of hard skills (ie fighting techniques) are taught near the end of the session. 


Womens Only Self-Defence Workshop is a 2 hour introduction to Self-Defence and is specially designed to accomodate the differences between male and female self-defence concepts.


Self-Defence & The Law Workshop is a 1 and half hour introduction to the Law relating to Self-Defence. Topics covered include; pre-emption, reasonable force, duty to retreat & defending your property.


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